Dryland is a band that writes heart pounding heavy metal riffs alongside lyrics that immerse the listener in an epic, fantastic world. Their music exists somewhere in the space between Motörhead, Nick Cave, Red Fang, Danzig, and of course, Black Sabbath. 
They released their first full-length album, Self-Titled, in 2017. On 4/20 of 2020 they released their "Dances with Waves" EP produced and engineered by Matt Bayles (Matt has produced Mastodon, The Sword, Pearl Jam, Botch and many more).

In 2023 Dryland entered the hallowed halls of the UNKNOWN studio in Anacortes, WA to record their second full-length album "Weekend in the Swamp". The new LP is Dryland's most sonically diverse recording to date. The songs range from vibraphone interludes and melting pianos, to punishing explosions of drop-tuned guitars. Weekend in the Swamp draws influence across heavy genres, with moments of shoegaze, thrash, stoner rock and bludgeoning doom metal. All the while the vocals maintain the urgent, storytelling style that has become the trademark of singer and lyricist Bradley Lockhart . More than once, Lockhart broaches the subject of sexual intercourse with celestial objects. 

“Heavyweight riffs prove surprisingly versatile in their hands, acting as an expressive backdrop for shouted and screamed stories of esoteric adventure.” - Invisible Oranges on Weekend in the Swamp
"...a rip-roaring trek through fantastic tales in a grand mix of stoner, doom, and hardcore."
Shasta Beast. Stoner Hive
"...full-on Pacific Northwest noise crunch, crashing its waves of riffs and stomping against the shore of your eardrums in demand of as much volume as you’ll give it."
JJ Koczan. The Obelisk
"This is not music for saviors, heroes, or messiahs come shining from the heavens. This is music for tree roots coldly embracing a rib cage; for coral growing hard and sharp in dark water, offering comfort only to eels."
Nicholas Anderson. Nada Mucho
"Incredibly heavy."
Cervante Pope. The Pit
"Killer stoner rock reminiscent of Fu Manchu, Melvins, Mastodon, The Sword & Red Fang."
Chris Butcher. Whats Up Magazine
"Anthemic incantations that inspire memories of early Black Breath."
Phil Bouie, Artist Home
"Each track is full of great heavy tones accentuated with Brad Lockhart's vocals which remind me subtly of some great early 90's noise rock styled vocal deliverance."
Jon Vader. Heavy Planet
"Dryland's live performance was one of the tightest, impassioned, and funnest sets I've ever seen in town." 
-Autumn Marceau, What's Up Magazine
"Nothing I like better than heavy bass and drums backing chunky, driving guitar riffs and Dryland holds it down all night long. The lyrics are exceptional, it’s nice to hear some stories being told for once."
-Jeffery McNulty, The Seattle Passive Aggressive
"Dryland bring pure punk-inspired stoner rock to the masses." 
-Brett R, Another Metal Review Podcast
Stage Mates
Bands with whom we have shared the stage:
Red Fang, Big Business, Helms Alee, Whores, Castle, Lozen, Melancholia, Wild Powwers, R.I.P., Filth Is Eternal, Thunderpussy,  Mount Saturn, Mos Generator, Voycheck, Earth Control, Tacos!, Year of the Cobra, Noah Landis and Scott Kelly (Neurosis), [b r a c k e t s], CAGES, Melancholia, DeathCave, Serpent Sun, Mem// Brane, Twin Void, Deathchant, Kadabra, Wet Temple, Flesh Produce, Chrome Lakes, Ceras, Githyanki, Gaytheist, Gold Sweats, Monsterwatch, X Suns
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